Thursday, August 4, 2011

Faith for Tough Times

Late Summer Sermon Series
Faith for Tough Times – The Message of the Prophet Jeremiah

We’re living in the midst of challenging times. Uncertainty and conflict are pervasive in our world and in our personal lives. In our late summer sermon series, we’ll study and reflect on the book of Jeremiah, written in the midst of economic strife, social division, and personal struggles.

Jeremiah, one of the three major prophets in the Bible, prophesied from 626 to 586 B.C. Called as a young man to speak prophetic words to the people of Judah, he warned of impending judgment at the hands of the Babylonians if the people did not repent. Rather than repenting, they considered him a traitor. Many came to hate Jeremiah. Some plotted to kill him. He was even arrested and thrown in prison.

After Jerusalem was destroyed, the people remembered Jeremiah’s words of hope; those words sustained them during their exile in Babylon. Join us as we explore how Jeremiah’s life and words might help us to develop a faith for tough times and to live with hope for the future

 August 7, 2011                                A Fire Shut Up in My Bones
                                                                Jeremiah 1:4-9; 20:7-9

August 14, 2011                              Following Worthless Idols
                                                               Jeremiah 2; 10:22

August 21, 2011                             We Are Never Too Far Gone
                                                             Jeremiah 3:12-13; 7:5-7

August 28, 2011                           Hope When it All Seems Hopeless
                                                            Jeremiah 29:1; 11-14

I pray you can join us as we study and hear the message of hope from the Biblical book of Jeremiah.

Jeremiah 20:7-10

You pushed me into this, God, and I let you do it.
   You were too much for me.
And now I'm a public joke.
   They all poke fun at me.
Every time I open my mouth
   I'm shouting, "Murder!" or "Rape!"
And all I get for my God-warnings
   are insults and contempt.
But if I say, "Forget it!
   No more God-Messages from me!"
The words are fire in my belly,
   a burning in my bones.
I'm worn out trying to hold it in.
   I can't do it any longer!

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