Friday, February 8, 2013

Holy Land Day 2

We are still in the Sea of Galilee area and just got off of the boat that took us across the seat. Beautiful day with bright sunshine and light waves! Bishop Coyner spoke of the storms of life and the peace that Jesus  offers us. I took pictures from my camera on the boat (I didn't want my iPad to get wet!), so I don't have pictures from the boat to post, however I hope to post a couple of pics taken from my iPad this morning.
We are now on the bus riding through the galilee area exploring Old Testament sites, places that Jesus walked and ministered, and general enjoying the tremendous knowledge of our guide and one another. Bishop Coyner and his wife Marsha are on the bus this morning, so we all have to be good Methodists!

I hope to post more later. Blessings from our group from Centerville UMC!!

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